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Real-time UK SME Market Data

In collaboration with mnAI - the award-winning technology provider - Greengage is delighted to lead the way in providing instant access to live and detailed data insights on the UK SME market. Use this tool to identify in real-time an in-depth data analysis on UK SME companies across all sectors, and filter by gender, sector, region, size, credit score or many other factors.

Greengage recognises the need to resolve the £22 billion funding gap for SME companies as outlined by the Bank of England. One way to address this funding gap would be for banks to increase their lending to SME clients (a market which Greengage seeks to operate in upon as part of its journey to acquiring a banking licence.) Greengage is sharing this SME data analysis with the aim of helping to provide additional insights into this important sector, and to start discussions with potential interested partners, as it works towards addressing the SME funding gap.

Highlights of the data:

  • UK’s first instant access to live data on UK SME companies

  • Data available across all sectors

  • Filter by areas such as gender, sector, region, size, credit score

About this data set:

Across the UK, there are circa 7.5 million incorporated entities of which 4.4 million are active. Using this as our base, we have refined the universe to only show those companies with the following variables:

  • A minimum of 3 years trading history

  • Less than 30 directors

  • No international or overseas companies

  • No public companies.


Accordingly, early stage and start-ups are excluded from the information set.

How to use:

The data contained within this environment is live and interactive. You can customise your view by selecting filters or by clicking/refining any of the charts within the platform. Depending on the filters used, it may take a short time for the data to refresh.

Financial Ratios:

Contained within the “Analysis” section of the report, the following ratios are available:

  • Gross Profit Margin %

  • Overall Profitability %

  • Interest Cover %

  • EBITDA %

  • Liquidity 

  • Acid Test

  • Debt/ Asset

  • Turnover/ Net Current Assets

  • Working Capital to Sales.


These will change depending on the filters applied giving the user the ability to look at different sectors or regions accordingly.

Exporting and copyright:

The data contained within these interactive charts should not be reproduced or copied without explicit consent of Greengage Global Holding Ltd and mnAI Data Solutions Limited. 

Third party data:

The data and information provided here has not been prepared Greengage but has been prepared by a third party. Greengage does not accept any liability for the accuracy of the data or for any decisions that may be made based on the data. For further information, please refer to ‘Information Provided May Not Be Accurate or Complete and May Be Sourced from Third Parties’ section of our Risk Disclosure & Disclaimer Notification.

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