Philosophy + Culture

At our core, Greengage is building a digital merchant bank – bridging the historic merchant banking tradition with the opportunities presented by new technologies. Greengage as a name captures the essence of what we are aiming to achieve:

  • Green for sustainable growth, and as a colour that is well recognised in association with  finance and new things.

  • Gage as in collateral – a valued object deposited as a guarantee of good faith.    

To develop its philosophy and principles, Greengage has done extensive research into the history of merchant banking. We have drawn on - and been inspired by - the insights of Siegmund Warburg concerning the requirements to deliver first class banking. 


These principles have been discussed by our team and we have amended them only slightly to create our own guiding principles. These principles infuse our thinking about how Greengage will evolve as a digital merchant bank and we also intend these principles to be lived through the day-to-day practices of the firm: 

  1. We believe the company should have a high moral standing 

  2. We strive for the highest standards of compliance, transparency, and security 

  3. We wish to build a reputation for efficiency and thought leadership (“high quality brain work”) 

  4. We will collaborate with our partners to build successful businesses and long-term trusted relationships

  5. Where relevant, we intend to hold more than sufficient capital funds ourselves and also work with the highest calibre counterparts

  6. We have an excellent team and continue to build a strong organisation


Moral standing


Highest standards of compliance


Efficiency and
thought leadership




Capital funds


Personnel and

Greengage has established a strong market presence and a positive reputation, by instilling the above in the firm’s culture. Our company strategy is to deliver the benefits of the revolution in digitisation of finance with bespoke services provided by people, and empowered by technology for efficient delivery. 


Greengage will combine the traditional values and established practices upon which the merchant banks were built (a relationship centric model with a deep understanding of clients’ needs), with an intelligent understanding of risk-taking. Greengage will deliver this by embracing innovation with a view to efficiently deliver robust products and services with a personalised service, so that each client case can be considered on its own merits. Greengage aims to listen first to client needs, and never be a “tick-box” organisation and ultimately to be a trusted partner to our clients.

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