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Our story

Founded in 2018 by Sean Kiernan, we have made our mark in the digital asset sector over the past 6 years. Ambitious and entrepreneurial in spirit, we aspire to build on the best of the traditional financial services model and harness a new set of technologies, fit for today’s business environment.

We are the first integrated financial services group bringing together traditional finance with new digital innovations in digital assets and blockchain. We marry the high-end care and bespoke personal service found in traditional British financial services combined with leading edge technology. Together they create a future- focused firm that connects clients to a growing portfolio of innovative capital and liquidity products.

Our firm is inspired by and born out of our iconic location in the heart of the City of London. Building a successful blockchain ecosystem means bringing together robust financial and IT sectors. With its history as a world leader in financial services and role as a progressive technology hub, we believe that this is the perfect location to build a respected digital ecosystem.