Financial Fox announces its first official sponsor: Greenage - Greengage

Financial Fox announces its first official sponsor: Greenage

Cassiopeia Services, the award winning PR agency for Web 3 and Fintech companies, is pleased to announce the first official sponsorship for its multimedia platform Financial Fox. Created in 2017, FinancialFox has investigated and deep dived into the latest technological developments in finance and beyond with founders and leaders from Fintech, Web 3, Blockchain and AI.

The Financial Fox platform has seen significant growth: it has expanded in both audience reach and influence over the years. Today we are proud to announce that Greengage, a digital merchant banking pioneer, is the inaugural sponsor of the Financial Fox.

Greengage is a digital merchant banking pioneer, that provides a platform of relationship-based e-money account services to digital asset firms, SMEs and high net worth individuals to the highest ethical, secure and compliance standards. Alongside our account services, we provide clients access to a B2B lending platform offering digital sources of money. Our tailored services are delivered by people, empowered by technology.

*Greengage Global Holding Ltd (“Greengage”) has been appointed as a distributor of Modulr FS Limited which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution (FRN: 900573). The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not apply to funds held in electronic money accounts. In Europe, Modulr Finance B.V. (together with Modulr FS Limited, “Modulr” as relevant) is the principal for all payment / electronic money services. Modulr Finance B.V. is authorised and regulated as an electronic money institution by De Nederlandsche Bank with authorisation number R182870). The Dutch Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) does not apply to funds held in electronic money accounts. For more information please visit our website.


“Greengage is first in a new kind of banking – we call this ‘digital merchant banking’ (we are the top hit for this on google worldwide) because we combine the most innovative e-money services with traditional and digital funding and lending, and every client has access to a personal, dedicated, Relationship Manager. This is the best of the old, driven by all the advantage of the new.” says Sean Kiernan, CEO of Greengage.


“Banking has been topical for a while now – the ongoing banking crisis, the inability of traditional banking to evolve at the same pace with technology, and the challenges that exist to serve the next generation of customers. Banking has missed the tech API revolution and unfortunately the industry finds itself in a position where it must evolve or face the possibility of its demise,” says Cassiopeia Services CEO and Financial Fox creator Stefania Barbaglio. Read our recent article on the topical debanking crisis.

Stefania adds “The real problem is not the arrival or invention of blockchain and crypto; where people have the ability to be their own bank but rather the inability of banks to actively listen and understand their customers’ evolving needs. Numerous digital asset companies struggle to access banking – despite positive narratives surrounding the UK government’s intention to create a regulatory framework and clear direction for the industry. The digital assets sector simply can’t be overlooked as there is $30 to $40 billion of attainable fiat deposits in the sector.”


Similarly the SME sector currently has a funding gap of £22 billion with a turnover of £2.5 trillion from 5.9 million SMEs, according to the Bank of England.

“A thriving economy needs real banking to take the risks necessary to grow. Technology is revolutionising banking, and has much further to go, but nothing can replace personal service. We are at the forefront of Web 3, which means that the client and their needs drives the services we provide. Our client testimonials universally recognise this.” says Sean.

“New technology undoubtedly has its benefits even in industries that have historically been slow to advance innovation, with the current advances made in the regulatory environment in the UK and throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as Asia, I look forward to the way in which the banking and finance industries will use this technology to further strengthen their offerings and create new ones for future customers,” says Stefania.


“We are excited to work with a forward-thinking digital merchant banking pioneer that understands the challenges of the digital assets industry, society and most importantly values and puts relationships with clients first. Financial Fox is all about our community and the importance of listening and understanding community is crucial to success; you have to value your community and serve their needs. Financial Fox platform is centred around our industry and we look forward to continually engaging with our followers about the e-money landscape and the impactful change that institutions like Greengage can make as well as how it will shape the landscape going forward. We also look forward to AMA sessions with Greengage and can’t wait for you – our fellow foxes – to get involved and get more curious about the evolving world of digital assets and how Greengage aims to shape it,” concludes Stefania.

If you want to find out more about Greengage’s e-money account services click here


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